Flower Shop - Big City Break

Flower Shop - Big City Break

Flower Shop: Big City Break is a time management game developed by TikGames

Flower Shop: Big City Break is a time management game developed by TikGames with a charming background story. Meg decides to leave the city and start a new business, a flower shop at a beautiful island. Your goal is to help Meg expand her business to other locations. To do so, you have to help Meg reach a daily cash goal before the day is over, while keeping demanding customers satisfied. Different customers will arrive, indicating in a globe the flowers they want. There are several customers, everyone has a distinctive characteristic, and different levels of patience. You start by picking the correct seed, plant it and once the flower is grown, you pick it, wrap it and deliver it to the customer. Although it sounds complicated, all these tasks are performed with the mouse, simply by clicking in the corresponding part of the garden.
At the beginning, the game mechanics is rather repetitive and too easy, however real action begins after you have passed the first three or four levels. Only then can you say the game is fun and dynamic, since several customers arrive at the same time and new flowers appear, needing special care, water and fertilizers. At this point, the game gets really fun because you will need fast reflexes to quickly serve the customers and also because lots of power-ups and traps appear, making it more exciting. There are sixty levels available.
Flower Shop: Big City Break is visually stunning. The game has extremely beautiful graphics, with colorful and bright scenes. Meg, the customers, the flowers and everything in the shop is fantastically designed. Probably the best part of the game is its graphics. The music and sounds are great as well. It is highly recommended for those who liked time management games.

Review summary


  • Stunning graphics
  • Good sound effects
  • Fun


  • Real action begins after the first levels
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